Saturday, January 20, 2007

The F word.

(un chiste que me mandaron de todas las funciones de la palabra fuck)

transitive verb: "john fucked mary"
intransitive verb: "mary was fucked by john"
noun: "mary is a good fuck"
adjective: "mary is fucking beautiful"
trouble: i'm fucked
agression: fuck you
difficulty: i can't understand this fucking job
incompetence: get the fuck off
suspicion: what the fuck are you doing?
enjoyment: i had a fucking time
request: get the fuck out of here
hostility: i'm going to knock you fucking head off
greeting: how the fuck are you?
apathy: who gives a fuck?
innovation: get a bigger fucking hammer
surprise: fuck! you scared the shit out of me

Jeje no sé de dónde lo sacaron pero who fucking cares?

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