Thursday, March 15, 2007

Me and You and Everyone We Know trailer

"Richard Swersey: Yeah, the "Ice Land" sign is halfway. It's the halfway point.
Christine Jesperson: Ice Land is - It's kind of like that point in a relationship, you know, where you suddenly realize it's not going to last forever. You know, you can see the end in sight. Tyrone Street.
Richard Swersey: Yeah, but we're not even there yet. We're still at the good part. We're not even sick of each other yet.
Christine Jesperson: I'm not sick of you at all. "

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Hola Cachivache,
Aquí te mando el link del principio de la película, el cual es algo fuera de este mundo:

Saludos desde Londres encerrado en mi flat un jueves por la noche escribiendo un essay que tengo que terminar. Keep on posting!!! [period]