Thursday, August 2, 2007

The Shapes Of Space!

Hasta el 5 de sept en el Guggenheim Museum de NY!
Me hubiese gustado muuucho ir!

Every cultural period has its own conception of space, but it takes time for people consciously to realize it.—László Moholy-Nagy
Space is one of the basic elements in art, and yet also one of the most resistant to definition. Almost all artworks take up, contain, describe, or create space—but as an abstract concept informed by larger systems of comprehending the world around us, whether mathematical, physical, metaphysical, spiritual, or political, our understanding of space has taken innumerable forms throughout history and in different cultural contexts. Since the early twentieth century, however, artistic conceptions and representations of space have multiplied across a wide range of media. Following the early avant-gardes' revolutionary break with the Renaissance tradition of linear perspective, artists felt a new freedom to investigate not just pictorial representations of space, but the physical space in which our bodies move, as well as the social realities it engenders—a freedom that persists in art being produced today. (


Ani Sosa said...

WOHOOOO QUE COOL YO VOY A ESTAR EN NYC EN ESE MOMENTO, Y LO VOYA VER EN PERSONA.. WOOHOO YAY! jajjajja euuuuu graciasp or los comments de hoy!! te salió maratón Me&My! jajaj y a mí maratón de cachivaches... q bolas lo arrecho de los diseños de feel addicted, el tipo seguro se fuma 3 porros antes de inventar aquellas vainas! jaja puse uinas fotos en mi blog.. fue un peo por el flash pero con fnction mas f11 lo logré! jijiji

eusucre said...

Jejej.. bueno luego escribes un post contando q tal la expo!!

Enjoy NY!!!