Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Count & The Lazy Animal, a tale.

Para la comodidad de todos los involucrados, esta historia será escrita en inglés.
Per la comodità di tutti i partecipanti, questa storia verrà scritta in inglese.
For the convenience of everyone involved, this story will be written in English.

Stories don´t start with once upon a time anymore. Stories start , as it has been said before, the day we decide to open doors instead of closing them and enter a world much smaller than the one we already know. 

There was an italian Count who described himself as a dreamer instead of a conformist. He spent his life trying to pursuit his dreams, and even if he never fullfilled them he always enjoyed the journey. He ate a lot, laughed a lot and was the type of person who thought that by her shoes a woman could be defined.

One day, as part of his quest, he decided to travel to another continent to experience something new. What he didn´t expect was that on his way a specie in extinction would interfere. Yes, a Lazy Animal, a very strange and unique beign who would transform his stay on the other side of the sea.

They discovered new friends, new lenguages and even so new ways of dancing... but most of all they realized how important it is to live life to the fullest, to experience new things. 

Unlike any other story of this kind these two didn´t stay together ever after... but that doesn´t mean they aren´t happy. They still see each other once in a while on that little small world and who knows? maybe someday doors will open wider.


Corina said...

Us rules! hasta en inglés!

another visonary guy said...

even if the door open wider the world would still be small for these to visionaries of life and lazyness...friens come and go but expiriances always stay with us and travel with us to the far places of the world. With a camera sometimes we capture te escence of a bird, sky, feet, and soul but with the touch of the skin and the exchange of ideas we capture the escence of a person and that is a memory that opens the door to every one.

eusucre said...

you´re right...
that´s why we should never forget...!

Anonymous said...

I felt a strong thrill as soon as I read. I do not know who I have to thanks, because all of you let me Positive Energies, that's the reason why, I just prefer to say: Thank you Caracas!
Andrea Iannozzi