Wednesday, May 28, 2008

lovemarks// kevin roberts (Saatchi & Saatchi)

Me di cuenta que he perdido mis hábitos de lectura cuando tuve en mis manos este libro.
Desde hoy empiezo mi listica de libros por leer y este es el primero.

(Aquí sólo un poquito de lo que me llamó la atención)

- Love affairs between brands & consumers.
- "To feel sexy it´s to know you´re alive".
- Great ideas like humor, come from the corners of the mind, out on the edge. That´s why humor can break up log-jams both personal relationships and in business.
- Once famous names gone generic: Band-Aid, Jell-O and Q-tips.
- If you stand for nothing you fall for everything.
- I´m looking for what I can love (emotion). Emotion leads to action. Reason leads to conclusions.
- You get love by giving it.
- LOVE: to minds without a single thought.
- No respect, no love. Period.
- You have to be different, not just act different.

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